Choosing a Dog Trainer

choosing-a-trainer2Sal Pacific Canine Obedience is headed by Mike Annan. Mike is a Canadian Institute of Professional Dog Training accredited Canine Instructor, Canine Behavior Consultant and a member of the Canadian Association Of Professional Pet Dog Trainers. Mike has ten years experience training and rehabilitating a variety of behavioural issues in powerful and small breeds using progressive calm energy, relaxation, re-direction, positive reinforcement, and customized behaviour programs for his clients. Mike comes with a long list of both personal and professional testimonials as well as professional accreditations including conducting a canine safty seminar for the B.C. Hydro meter readers. He also has well over 200 behaviour cases documented and solved professionally and an extensive working knowledge training dogs to Canadian Kennel Club competition standards. Mike has worked with and mentored under C.I.P.D.T founder Tony Parker, a three time consecutive European trainer of the year cup champion and respected animal behaviourist holding over 100 obedience trial awards. Mike has studied several national seminars and has extensive academic background with studies including the evolution of the domestic dog, early puppy training (subconscious level), complete health care and dog management, and a broad range of canine behaviour from severe aggression to severe fear based issues.

choosing_trainer_cert In Canada there are no existing formal criteria, or examination requirements to qualify a person to train dogs as a profession. To alleviate the risk of damage caused by unskilled trainers, and as a protective measure, ask to see credentials, professional referrals, testimonials, and/or membership with a recognized training authority.

There are 450 reported dog bites annually in B.C. Most of which could be prevented with a general understanding of canine behavior. In order to help our local shelters and S.P.C.A. please research what kind of dog will suit your lifestyle and leadership capabilities best. If you are looking for some guidance please contact us or a local qualified trainer or veterinarian near you.

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