Obedience School

Sal Pacific Canine Obedience Systems are designed to teach owners how to effectively get results without corrections!

obed_top3Puppies School ages 2 – 6 months 8 week course $152.50 includes GST

  • Biting nipping chewing
  • Constructive mauling
  • Basic Grooming
  • Intro to sit
  • Intro to down
  • Intro to recall
  • Intro to leash walking
  • Intro to stay
  • Take it leave it
  • House breaking
  • Early socialization
  • How to create a balanced bond with your puppy and more!


obed_middleCompanion Dog level 1 ages 7 months and up $252.00 includes GST 8 week course

  1. Formal recall exercises (training your dog to come back to you)
    • Stationary recall to heel
    • Stationary recall to present
    • Stationary recall to sit
  2. Sit stay down stay
    • Adding distractions
    • Distance and time control
  3. Automatic sit (training your dog to smartly stop and sit when you stop)
    • 2 step auto sit
    • Auto sit polishing
  4. Automatic heel (training your dog to automatically return to the at hell position)
    • finish
  5.  Motivation skills ( training owners how to create a balanced working relationship)
    • Keeping your dog happy while training
    • Creating a fun congenial working relationship with your dog
  6. Walking on leash in public ( real life walking leash walking skills)
    • Passing other dogs/people on a trail or sidewalk
  7. Heel work ( training your dog to follow you)
    • Turns
    • Fake finish


obed_bottom3Companion Dog level 2 ages 12 months and up $252.00 includes GST 8 week course

  1. Formal finish
    • Finish American and standard
    • Stationary recall to finish
  2. Stand for examination
    • Stand stay
  3. Off leash recall
    • Dogs will learn to come back to owners off leash reliably
  4. Group sit and down exercises
    • Owners will train their dogs to stay when in a group of dogs
  5. Intro to heel free
    • Off leash heel work
  6. Introduction to retrieval
    • We will introduce owners to methods for training a dog to retrieve
  7. Intro to blind stay exercises (dogs will learn to stay when they cannot see you)
    • Corner set up
  8. Intro to drop on recall
    • Dogs will learn to down immediately on recall


Companion Dog Level 3 the ultimate course in off leash reliability $252.00 includes GST 8 week course

In level 3 our students learn how to work with their dogs reliably off leash!



OUR COURSES AND LESSONS are taught by a Canadian Institute of Professional Dog Training certified canine instructor and professional member of the Canadian Association for Professional Dog Trainers. Our 6000 square foot indoor training centre and classes are informal and intimate, assuring a relaxed congenial atmosphere. An upbeat and enthusiastic attitude combined with good verbal praise, motivation, consistencies, positive reinforcement, and a calm state of mind are what we teach.

Please ask us about our title and award winning obedience classes and programs!


For more information please email sal.canineobedience@gmail.com or visit the Contact Us page.
You can also phone us at (250) 468 – 7834.