horse_dogMaggie is a small Bichon/Yorky with a variety of characteristics which my husband and I had difficulty coping with. We were doing it all wrong. Mike, After only two visits helped us tremendously. His caring and assertive technique has made a vast difference in Maggie’s behavior. I’m the boss now and Maggie loves it. Thanks Mike. – Georgette.

Our Mike is a very active Airedale we needed more intelligent help in teaching our Mike to overcome his attitude towards other dogs. We contacted Mike of Sal Pacific Canine Obedience he used his Magic so that within 2 hours our Mike became a different dog. Mike Annan recommended using a loaded back-pack for our Mike’s walks. Our Mike took to the back-pack and it has become his own personal job. He now enjoys his walks wearing his back-pack. Thank You Mike Annan. – Joan and Sandy

Since Taking Mike’s Companion Dog Obedience course our once timid 15 month old German Shepard is now a confident happy dog. We are excited to start competing in obedience trials this summer and we feel confident that we will score very high. Thank You Mike for sharing your techniques with me and helping me become a confident educated handler.
– Elizibeth

Mike, we wanted to pass along our thanks and graditude for your assistance with Jazz, our Golden Retriever puppy. We love our little puppy but she was totally out of control, running our house and running us ragged! David and I have learned so much during the time you spent with us (both at clases and at home). Your professional and patient training with both Jazz and us has had a profound impact on our home, Jazz is now a joy to have around and so much fun. We cannot thank you enough and David is looking forward to starting your Companion Dog obedience course. Absolutely the best investment we have made in a very long time. Regards, – David and Charmaine.

We were expecting our first baby and were nervous about how our Chocolate Lab and American Bulldog would accept the new arrival. Mike came to our home and taught us how to introduce the new baby to our dogs to ease our concerns and helped us deal with a tonne of other issues we had with our dogs- most importantly on how to be a pack leader. They are still a work in progress however with Mike’s information and support they have come along way. Thanks Mike. – Allison Murray

I met Mike Annan through a recommendation of a local Kennel. I was looking for an obedience course for my Border Collie..We took his CD 1 classes and so enjoyed them that we have now started CD2 and hope to compete in the future. I find Mike to be very precise, clear and professional. His classes are not without humour and he is very entertaining as an instructor and a person.. However, the information a person gleans from his classes is invaluable to providing you with the resources to have a calm balanced dog, along with teaching a you to enter into a calm and balanced life. I recommend Mike highly and have not hesitated to recommend him to my own clients and anyone I meet who wants a rewarding relationship with their dog. We have also been on his “Pack walks” and enjoy them immensely. -Chris McKay

We have three dogs and were fostering another. Our Yorkie took exception to the addition and we were into a series of dog confrontations, several daily and escalading. We contacted Mike and he spent several hours on his first visit to show us what we needed to do to control the dogs and regain control of our pack. We followed his instructions and within days a difference was evident. Three weeks later and we are thinking of going back into rescue work as we now have the tools we need to deal with the problems that may arise with fostering dogs.
Thank you Mike for your help and understanding. -Ken and Diana Lynch

In the spring my husband and I acquired a mature dog from the pound. We loved him but unfortunately he came to an early demise in our care. We were devastated. Mike Anan, who was our Dog Obedience Trainer at the time, helped us through our loss and helped us find another dog. Through Second Chances, Mike helped pair us up with a suitable dog, a German Shepard Rottweiler Cross. Taku has been through eight weeks of training with us led by Mike Anan. The result for us and Taku is a happy dog and two happy Masters. Our confidence in dog ownership and management has returned with Mike’s careful tutilage. Now I recommend Mike Anan of Sal Pacific to every dog owner I meet who is looking for a professional and personable dog trainer. I can’t recommend Mike enough. – Susan Mielke

Mike is a huge asset to our rescue. He has shared his expertise, energy and enthusiasm to our great benefit. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but he’s sure taught this old dog how a relaxed frame of mind benefits the rescued dogs that come into our care.
Just knowing he is there for us when we need help is a big plus. Some of our dogs come from some awful situations. Knowing how to better greet them and introduce them to other dogs or introducing them to a foster home without adding to their fear makes the dogs’ transition much easier.
Did I mention generous? He has ways of raising funds for the rescue that I never would have dreamed of!
Thank you, Mike for all that you have done for our Second Chances dogs and the organization itself. – Bev Davis (Second Chances Rescue)

We would like to thank you for giving us some tools to help us understand our first small dog. Your recall strategy is nothing short of brilliant!! The weekly pack walk is excellent life experience for our terrier and has provided much needed physical and social rehabilitation for our large dog as she recovers from knee surgery. We are all very appreciative of your continued advice and support and look forward to seeing even more positive behaviour in both dogs. -Doug & Maureen Fowles

We have 2 large breed dogs, both were rescues and both came with their own set of ideas. Although we love our boys we were having some problemsuncontrolled barking, charging the fence line, demanding, poor walking habits, overly aggressive greeting rituals. Mike has taught us some tools,techniques and rules. Now we are able to live as a large family with everyones tail wagging. We have been able to pass info onto our human families that has made living with our Gentle giants so pleasurable
We have further developed our relationships with our dogs and we are continuing to learn and train everyday. Now that we are in control as leaders our pack just follows us around. Thanks Mike you are awesome……… -Dee Ciccone

Mike: You are brilliant. It amazes me how you can get dogs to behave with just body language and words. I’m glad that I did not have to use treats as that was a real hassle. You really helped us to understand our dogs in just a couple of lessons. Thanks a million. -Cindy Hutchison

Hi Mike: Piper, our Lab/Border Collie pup was a hand full, always trying to be the “Alpha Dog”. I initially took her to a “kinderpuppy” class–but it was more a social event for the dog no real obedience training. We have just completed the 8 week obedience training course Mike offered. Great results, Piper actually listens and now obeys me, and get this she’s now healing without a leach. On our walks several people comment on how on how obedient Piper is. Thanks Mike and I will recommend your class to all those who will listen. -Bob


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